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My first production-ready project that I was able to publish on the App Store. Tofood is an iOS application displaying the menu of the canteens associated to my university. The user interface is driven by UIKit. Tofood is focused on modern, intuitive and playful design and provides functionalities such as ratings, personal favorites, and image uploads. If the user allows push notifications, he is notified whenever one of his favorites is served in the canteen of his choice. The application is powered by a custom backend written in Swift using the Vapor web framework. The backend is responsible for parsing the canteen's menus, sending push notifications and provides a REST API to modify and access the information backed by a PostgreSQL database. Image uploads are stored in an AWS S3 bucket. The backend is hosted on Heroku.

In many ways, this project has been a gateway into the software development community for me. Not only did I learn a lot from solving a plethora of progamming problems, I did also get to know many highly interesting technologies powering modern backend-driven applications. Visiting the Server-side Swift Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2019 was a superb experience and I have this project to thank for, for me deciding to attend there.

For more information, visit Tofood or download the App on the App Store. I would be more than happy for your support!

Tofood App Store
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